Assignment # 7– Emily Dickinson


Emily Dickenson


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Assignment #7


The Lyre bird sounds likes  a pretty awesome bird. It imitated so many different things in a 3 minute video and you know that it has obviously seen these things to be able to imitate them. It imitated 2 cameras, a chain saw, and a car alarm and those were exact imitations.. almost believable. These birds are indigenous to Australia and they are called Menura Menuridae by scientists and They just seem to be awesome birds. I think the effect that the world has had on these birds has damaged them in a way because it ruined the natural imitations that they had to where they now are imitating fake, mechanical, unnatural things. It has ruined the beautiful calls of this bird. It has also enhanced the sounds of the birds but  birds are supposed to churp and sing, not make shutter and alarm sounds. It’s an awesome but also a horribly inawesome adaptation that they have come to have.

–Assingment #4–*Beauty*– the quality present in a thing or person that gives intense pleasure or deep satisfaction to the mind.


Beauty is only skin deep..
The media these days is telling us that it isn’t even skin deep, that it’s what photoshop and other editing programs can make someone look like. The “ideal person” is 5’9, weighing in at 100 pounds with no figure and perfect skin, i don’t know anyone that looks like this- nor do I want to. Everyone thinks that the only way to be beautiful is to work out 24-7 and to eat a crcker a day.. That isn’t true, we are all beautiful in our own ways, why can no one understrand this?


*take a look at this website and see what Dove is doing to help women see their real beauty.. ♥

–Meagan, ♥

“witchcraft is real”.. Not..


I read this story online about a woman who was dragged, stripped, gagged, and set on fire because they believed she was a “Witch” **..  This story compared to the times of the Salm Witch Trials has about the same severity as far as punishment goes. I believe that the views on wishes are different in the sense that there isn’t someone turning around every 5 seconds and accusing people. It tends ro be in the more underdeveloped countries that it is more common.. This story is horrible and digusting, people really are ignorant. Witch craft may have been common some 300 years ago but it isn’t something that should be brought up or that anyone should be accusing people of today. And the people who are “Wiccan” will have to answer for themselves one day.


What a witch-hunt this was..


There was alot to be said for this experience.. It was like, extremely graphic and creepy to say the least. I could never really dream what it could be like to be put through the pergetory that these men and women were put through. They lost thier lives because 2 or 3 girls got together and decided that they wanted to get out of thier bad deed and have a little “innocent” fun.

These girls ruined lives and they managed to destroy good names and good reputations because they were bored with their own lives.. SOUNDS like a small town to me. I don’t think I would have done anything different.. I plead NOT guilty and I was hanged, I was satisfied with this.

Quite an eye-opener.

Why would you classify people like this, it’s so…


Well, I got 8 out of 20 right.. I don’t know if that’s good or bad. This showed me that humans can be very wrong in their minds. What the eye sees and what is truly there can be completely wrong. The excercise seemed to be pretty easy but then again, I was wrong on many of these, so.. That isn’t saying much. I used the look of their faces, hair, and bone structure to determine what i thought their race was. This shows us that we aren’t always correct and that we may not know what we’re talking about most of the time, (OBVIOUSLY). The government is so ignorant, That’s really all I have to say about that. Thanks.


“I feel like i’m talking to myself but everyone will be able to hear it.. Awkward..”


How do I feel about having this blog as a way to express my feelings? I think it’s always good to get your feelings out because you don’t need to keep them bottled up  because they then just build and build, but, I also don’t like for everyone to know all of the things going wrong with me either. There are few people whom I tell ym problems to. I’ve never really blogged before, I mean.. I’ve put up long posts on Facebook but never a blog. I think this kind of assignment may be either really easy or really hard. I look forward to it because it’s a new way to learn and it may be something i have to do in college because my mother is taking classes at Kennesaw and she has to Blog a lot of her assignments. Anyways, Happy Blogging!